Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF)


In 1974 some progressive Tigray students at Addis Ababa University established a political association called Tigray National Organization (TNO) . This Organization leaders were recruited from each provinces of the then Administrative regions. Based on this Mr. Seyoum Mesfin , Mr. Abay Tsehay, Mr. Agazi Gesese, Mr. Aregawi Berhe, Mr. Geday Zeratseyon, and Mr. Hailu Mengesha elected as the leader of the organization. After continuous evaluation of the Derg regime, TNO decided that, the only way to overthrow the Derg military regime is  through a long run rural based armed struggle. TNO hold its final session on February 1975 in which it decided to start the guerrilla fighting at Dedebeit and  changed its name to Tigray People’s liberation Movement. Later in 1979 the name was changed as Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). From 1975 – 1979 TPLF in Sum wage 85 military campaigns against Derg, EDU, EPRP and ELM. TPLF is a pioneer organization for other Nations and Nationalities of Ethiopia to get organized and  wage an armed struggle in the fight against the Derg dictatorial regime. It was one of the founding members of the EPRDF.


So, far TPLF held 8 Organizational congresses these are:-
  • The 1st Organizational congress was conducted in February 1979 at Mai Abay, Shire Province. The participants of this congress were 120 members. The current Chairman of the TPLF Meles Zenawi first elected as Member of Central Committee at this congress at the age his 205
  • The 2nd Organizational congress took place in May 1983 at Tselimo, Shire province. In this congress 670 members were participants. The number of central committee increased from 15 to 35.
  • The 3rd organizational congress was held on March 1989 at Abera Tselemti. In this congress 800 members with vote and 200 with out vote were participants.
  • The 4th organizational congress conducted on December 1994 in Mekelle. 800 members take part in the congress. In this congress chairmanship of the party transfer from Mr. Sebehat Nega to Mr. Meles Zenawi.
  • The 5th Organizational congress held on December 1997 in Mekelle. 800 members participate in this congress too.
  • The 6th Organizational congress conducted on September 2001 in Mekelle. In this congress 850 members participated. This congress holds after overcoming the danger of split in the party. In this congress 28 new leadership elected and congress called Rehabilitation congress.
  • The 7th Organizational congress hold on September 2004 in Mekelle
  • The 8th Organizational congress held on September, 2007 in Mekelle

Leadership of TPLF

The TPLF leadership Elected directly by the congress democratically. Accordingly the current executive committee member of TPLF are:- Mr. Meles Zenawi (Chair man) Mr. Seyoum Mesfin (vice-chairman), Mr. Arkebe Equbay, Mr. Abay Tsehaye, Dr. Tewodros Adhanom, Mr. Abay Woldu, Mr. Abadi Zemo, Mr. Tewodros Hagos, Mr. Tsegaye Berhe.
TPLF had its own media outlet during its armed struggle against the Derg Regime. One of the first medium of communication has been Weyen Newspaper that was read in many parts of Tigray. It was a news paper with no more than few A4 size papers clipped together and circulated with in organized communities. In 1986 it was renamed as Woyin and still serve as the organ of the party.


1. Sibhat Nega
2. Mulugeta Alemseged
3. Mrs. Azeb Mesfin
4. Dr. AddisAlem Belema
5. Birhan Gebrekirstos
6. Gobezay Woldearegay
7. Mrs. Fetlework G/Egziabher
8. Dr. Wolderufael Alemayehu
9. Meseret Gebremariam
10. Kiros Bitew
11. Mengisteab G/Kidan
12. Getachew Belay
13. Fisha Zerihun
14. T/Woyni Assefa
15. Mrs. Roman Gebresilassie
16. Zereay Asgedom
17. Kidusan Nega
18. Hish Lemma
19. Amen tewelde Gebiru
20. Dr. Gebreab Bernabas
21. Getachew Assefa
22. Birihane Kidanemariam
23. Telahun Tarekegn
24. Daniel Assefa
25. Dr. Hilemichael Abera
26. Debretseyon Gebremichael
27. Alem Gegrewahid
28. Dr. Adhana Haile
29. Beyene Mikru
30. Asmelash Woldesilase
31. Mrs. Trefu Kedanemariam
32. Nega Berhe
33. Niguse Gebre
34. Desta Bezabih
35. Michael Abreha
36. Esayas Weldegiorgis


Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front
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Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front
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